Monday, 16 May 2011

Personal Recommendations


While reading some of the blogs from my classmates, I found several really interesting and informative topics which might interest most of bloggers.

First  blog I would like to recommend is by Sophia. She writes about Beauty and Body Image in Media. Basically, she talks about how media influence on young generation of girls and makes them keep these terrible diets, which afterwards lead them to various of mental disorders and even ends with death. The main reason for that is Media which portray this "perfect" image about women. However, she discusses about how "beauty" was considered in ancient times, how it is now. Take some time and visit her blog:

The next blog I visited is by Karolina with her topic about Product replacement in movies and TV shows. I found this topic very interesting and informative. In this blog can be found several funny videos and interesting articles about this concern which appear in our everyday. Personally, I really enjoyed reading her blog. So if you interested in this topic please take a look: 

Another common topic is about Violence in Media which was written by Marrita. In her blog she talks about violence and how it occurs and how it negatively influence on children. She gives examples such violence in music, cartoon and in the Internet. Furthermore she gives solutions to the problems. So here is the link:

One of those which I found interesting blog is by Beatrice, in her blog she shows how Media portray as beautiful thin women. Therefore, creates distorted perception in society. She gives several interesting links which you may find informative, because I did. So please take look: 

The last blog of my classmate which I found interesting  Meggie. In her blog she discusses about banner and advertising in our everyday life. I liked that she was talking about advantages and disadvantages concerning this issue by giving examples. I think this topic should interesting for many people because not all of us think about them, so take a look and get new information for yourself.  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Celebrities and Media

It’s not a secret for everyone that celebrities’ gossip columns, paparazzi  or TV shows are seriously  influence on personal lives, achievements and involvements with the public figures, but it is not one –way of that. Media infringe on the rights of celebrities, 24 hours they are under the spotlight and followers who are not giving them free space.  Sometimes entertainment news web sited and publications make a strong impact on famous people’s lives and you are coming to the conclusion that the world is being controlled by the power of the written word. However, some web pages publish and update the news which deals with their lives and sometimes they just remove away points of focus and depend on unrealistic sources of information. For example as sometimes happens, tabloid or web page publishes a story about an extramarital affair that is not true, and one of spouse or partners of the person might read it and believe in it. From that starts a new scandal which is very depressive from celebrities, but profitable for tabloid. Another example which is influence on their lives and their private space, let’s consider that a famous person made something inappropriate and on the next day  this information or photos will appear everywhere  followed with gossip about it although it is their live.  When such a things happen, relationships could be easily destroyed. Many people will not agree that celebrities are public figures; therefore they have to get used to be followed. Personally I do not agree with that even though they are public figures but they are they have right to have a private life as we all do.

  Celebrities are allowed to be treated on the same level as individuals; media has a control over their lives, even though they are desperately trying to fight for their privacy. Expect the examples which were mentioned above there are thousands of them which are influenced negatively on celebrity’s lives. It is hard to be under spotlights 24 hours a day and being chased by paparazzi when you leaving your houses it’s very depressive for them. Sometimes there are even fatal consequence, which already known as Death of Diana or Heath Ledger. In the case of Princes Diana was chasing her by paparazzi until tunnel where everything had finished and in the second case is accidental drug overdose which also cause it by media. He was tired of being chased by paparazzi and talks; he wanted to have a private live, therefore he started to take drugs which brought him to the end. Many celebrities are suffering from depression, insomnia, humiliation and disgrace.  Perhaps, media should pay less attention on their private lives and stop making up gossip or information about them in order to give them a free space to live, surely it won’t happen because gossips and photos from paparazzi bring good income.  However, each of them wants to leave as an ordinary life, of course is not possible if you chose fame, but at least it is possible to reduce the pressure from mass media.

The Negative Effects of the Media on Celebrities

I strongly recommend article “The Negative Effects of the Media on Celebrities” because, personally I think that this article support all my points which are important and interesting. ( In this article says about how information in nowadays accessible for individuals, and through weblog they are able to find which are most likely to be on truth. There was mentioned that such a star as Paris Hilton suffers from humiliation and disgrace about the statement which are written in those blogs. Another strong point based on researches of analyzing the articles on entertainment web pages and it was concluded that “broadcast containing information potentially harmful to the wellbeing of celebrities”.  Additionally, “it was found that the media may indeed negatively effect on celebrities behavior and psyches”. Furthermore in this article emphasizes that “the publication of such information may prove detrimental to the health of a celebrity, as the constant pressure of maintaining a certain public image can result in various psychological conditions, such as anxiety disorders, as well as chronic stress, the symptoms of which include eating, body aches, insomnia, anxiety, anger and depression”.  

Celebrities fight for privacy

This is article ( about how celebrities fight over their privacy even though is it hard to do. This article was published on the web page by Donna Freydkin. There are  6 examples of celebrities and how they are dealing with paparazzi. For instances Cox and her husband David Arquette they stated about their newborn child “It is our wish that by making this photo available, we will protect the privacy of our daughter by discouraging the unwanted pursuit by photographers”. Also, in this article mentioned the statement which is totally contradicts the statement above. The US Weekly editor Janice Min claimed “A celebrity is like an elected official.  If you’re getting paid $20 million a movie, you have to rely on public goodwill to stay in office. You have to accept the fact that you’re a public commodity”.  This article is written well and you can see good example how celebrities are suffering from inappropriate attention. 

Celebrities equal lack of privacy

Friday, 6 May 2011

Another example of invention to private lives of famous people is the problem concerning the published “surreptitious” photos of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas wedding. In 2000 Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas sue Hello! magazine, because of their wedding photos. It was done for publishing order to spoil the publication of the authorized photographs of OK!, which had the exclusive rights. The bride and groom hired their own selected photographers and it was made plain that other photography was not to be permitted. Despite all the restrictions the son one British politician freelance photographer Rupert Thorpe managed to get those pictures and sold them to Hello!  The Court of Apple did recognize that celebrities have a right to their privacy lives. The couple expected to receive 1 million pounds for their private live damage. Ultimately, newlywed had won this sue and they gain their point to the High Court to ban their photos of publishing.

Diana's death

As it was mentioned before the great example of the bad behavior of paparazzi is death of Lady Diana (Princess of Wales) in Paris on 31th of August of 1997, this night played a crucial role in her life. It was not a secret that she was in relationship with Emad El-Din Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed known as Dodi Fayed an Egyptian multi-millionaire and film producer. Unfortunately, this story had finished tragically. For months they were chased by paparazzi in each had their pictures of them. There was also a gossip that she was pregnant with Dodi’s child, official sources claimed that it was not a true, but the father of Dodi, Mohamed al Fayed sticks to different opinion and he was sure that she was pregnant. However, Mohammed al Fayed blames Royal family for the death of his son. According to many sources one of the causes of their death was paparazzi who chased them until Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris where everything was finished for them. They left their hotel at 12: 20 and they were heading to Dodi’s flat in the center of Paris. In the car were 4 people: Diana, Dodi, the driver and the bodyguard. All the way to tunnel they were followed by paparazzi and afterward they hit the white car and their car got crashed to concrete column. Surprisingly, even after their death the police could not find the driver of that car who did not even stop look at what happened. By unknown sources it was claim that in white car was sitting one photographer who died after 3 months after Diana’s and Dodi’s death.  Nevertheless, Dodi and the driver died at the same time after crash, Diana was transfer to hospital she had a surgery, but unfortunately at 5 a.m. London time she was announces as a death, the only who survived from this crash was the bodyguard, who lost his memory from that car crash and he could not confirm anything from that night.